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2nd Degree Fellowcraft Mason

by Jason Ray Lusk
(Beckley WV)

My name is Jason Ray Lusk. I am a 2nd degree Fellowcraft Mason from Beckley WV, Lodge No.95. The reason I petitioned to become a Freemason is because I always felt there was something lacking in my life, every since I was 11 years old.

My uncle, Jerry Marks (Pineville, WV Lodge then demited to Tuscaloosa Ala?), told me when I was 11 that Freemasonry would set me free. He told me when I was older, I would understand. I immediately began studying.

I joined the Masonic Fraternity for the Brotherhood and Fellowship of Like Minded Men who help their Neighbor, in times of strife, in times of plenty.

I joined to commune with men who believe in the Supreme Geometer. I could not find anyone who could match my wits, no one but a Fellow Mason.

If you are an educated, able bodied, Deity- Fearing man, then Freemasonry is an opportunity to open your eyes to see the light after a man has felt like he has hit a brick wall and can learn no more.

I felt like I was breathing new air, my eyes were opened (finally) after 35 years. I have 3 degrees, a Certified Machinist, Certified Welder, Certified Underground Coal Miner, Certified Surface Miner.

I felt I had hit a brick wall in the learning of anything and in no way am I portraying Freemasonry as a College Smart Guy Fraternity, which it is most definitely not.

It is not a rich man's fraternity. Fees are nominal. Conspiracy theories about Freemasonry are stupid and hurtful to our Esteemed Ancient Fraternity. But, being the men we are, we hope to understand our world and our Supreme Geometer better, and to help others.

You, Simon, are right when you say that if a man joins Masonry to find out "secrets" then he will be sorely disappointed. I joined Freemasonry to learn to become a better man. Thank you for your time.

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