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by Jim McLeod
(Waycross, GA)

As a 26 year Mason and 25 year student of Freemasonry, I like Freemasonry because the Holy Bible is the centerpiece of the lodge. It complements my Christian faith.

Without the influence and leadership of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to follow its teachings.

It requires something beyond what is in your nature as a human being. If you are not a Christian, it would make you want to become one, because that is the only way you can walk the walk Freemasonry puts before you.

Simon's Reply:

Well said, Jim. Well said.


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Oct 03, 2012
Lakewood Lodge 601 F&AM
by: James

I agree entirely.

Jun 06, 2012
So mote it BE!
by: Rev. Lester Gainey

So Mote it Be! You're right, brother Jim. It was a Privilege and an Honor to be raised the year you were in the east. The time you spent with me, those evenings on the back porch ear to ear - I'll never forget.

This ashlar is yet a little rough, but through the power of Christ, one day it will be perfect through Him..The Chief Corner Stone and only TRUE Perfect Ashlar!

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