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DeMolay Jewelry

by Brandon Bays
(Crystal City, Mo)

Are members of the Order of DeMolay allowed to wear DeMolay jewelry such as rings, pins, etc?



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Jul 08, 2011
Can DeMolay Member Wear Grandfather's Master Mason Ring?
by: Braden

If one is initiated into DeMolay, and their Grandfather, now passed, had given them his Masonic ring, could the DeMolay member wear it, and also where could one find the DeMolay rings with the symbol (like the M.M. ring)

Simon's Reply: A Masonic Master Mason ring is worn by a member of a Masonic lodge. If the ring is yours, you may, of course, choose to wear it or not wear it, however, since you have not yet become a member of a Masonic lodge, as your grandfather chose to do, you should be prepared to be questioned by members of the fraternity as to why you are wearing it.

Braden, I would suggest that you contact a Masonic lodge near you, request a tour of the lodge and ask the member who provides your tour to help you better understand what Freemasonry meant to your grandfather and what it might mean to you before you choose to wear your Grandfather's Master Mason ring.

Good luck to you and thank you for writing!


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